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Well. . .here goes nothing. :-)

Name: Christina Crevisour
Major: Vocal Performance and Computer Science
Graduation date (or anticipated date): Fall 2008.
Degree: Bachelor's degree(?)
Favorite professor: Oh without a doubt, Dr. Wellborn. Absoloutley.
Are you greek?: Sororities? No. IND. baby. It's the way to be!
What else have you gotten your nose into at Union?: Well, when I was there last, much of nothing. . .but hopefully I'll get more involved this time around.
Tell me your craziest Union memory: Oh, definitely the pendulum alarm clock in my ceiling tiles. Yeah, I can't wait to get revenge for that prank. :-) *innocent smile*
Have you ever participated in a raid?: Uh. . .no.
Is there a "Union legend" that you'd like to find the truth about?: None that I've heard of, so far.
Say something about your alma mater: I've been everywhere and seen lotsa' stuff. Union is DEFINITELY the best! :-)
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