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Wow... I mean I guess I could join this...

Since I've known about it since it was started and have never commented!! Hehehe...

Name: Rachel Sebby
Major: Music Ed (bad idea)
Graduation date (or anticipated date): Dec. 2005
Degree: Will be BM in Music
Favorite professor: Dr. Blass ::SOB::, Dr. Joiner, Dr. McClune, Dr. Veltman, Dr. Fant, Dr. Boud, ... I like a lot of them ok?
Are you greek?: *snicker* no.
What else have you gotten your nose into at Union?: Not much. I've finally dug myself back OUT of there!!
Tell me your craziest Union memory: Anything that has to do with Brennan.
Have you ever participated in a raid?: ? no.
Is there a "Union legend" that you'd like to find the truth about?: The clock tower or why we don't have football.
Say something about your alma mater: In the 2nd verse of the song it says something to the extent of singing praise to Union makes our load lighter ? Um, not so much.
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