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Oooh Survey time!

Name: Laura M. Jackson, but everyone calls me Laura Carrot

Major: Don't have one yet, thinking of TESOL (Teaching ESL)

Graduation date (or anticipated date): 2008

Degree: Bachelors?

Favorite professor: Well I don't have one yet so I'll go with Karen Martin because she sent me an e-mail telling me about the books for the class I'm dropping.

Are you greek? I'll refrain from commenting on sororities and fraternities until I've seen these so-called Christian ones

What else have you gotten your nose into at Union? Hmm... I really hope I don't get my nose into anything... sounds dangerous

Tell me your craziest Union memory: Well I don't really have any here so I'll just make it up as we go along - one time me and my roomate snuck into our friend Jolene's dorm and replaced her spray deodorant with bug repellant - boy that was a hoot.

Have you ever participated in a raid? Not yet

Is there a "Union legend" that you'd like to find the truth about? Are there Union legends? (I feel so out in the cold)

Say something about your alma mater: Woo for Union, hope to see more of you
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